When I started to write this little bio I thought, "What would I REALLY want to know about my dentist?"  Well, my hands don't shake, I can see well, and I like helping people.  I've been around and done a lot of dentistry, so I've learned tons since graduating from West Virginia University Dental School.  I grew up in Huntington, WVA and played many sports, which I still do (though not as well!).  My summer jobs were mowing lawns, working in a drive-in restaurant, a "utility man" in what was the second largest glass bottling factory in the world, and then in a similar job in a bakery (it smelled much better there!).  After college I taught school (Science) for 3 years before entering WVU Dental School.  Fell in love with Raleigh, and along with my wife Carol, been here ever since.

     Our office philosophy is very simple. We follow the Golden Rule.  We treat our patients (you) just like we would want to be treated; with kindness, honesty, and fairness, with a little humor mixed in!     




      Now that our staff changes have finally settled down, let me introduce you to..........

     HALEY is the newest addition to our staff.  She is from Youngsville and a North Carolina native.  We are going to train her in all facets of our practice and she is very excited and ready to begin her career in dentistry!  She will be learning every phase of our practice, primarily working chairside with me but also helping out with front desk duties.


      Luck has been shining down on us by having JESSICA join us!  Also married with 3 kids, she and Anna were childhood friends so we sort of had an inside track on "dragging" her out of the house and into our practice.  She's also a Wake Tech grad, so, GO TECH!

ANNA grew up locally and graduated from the Wake Tech Dental Assisting Program in 2013.  With no time to rest up she started work with me immediately. She is now married with 3 kids. "I love making patients laugh because I know some of them have fears from long ago about coming to 'the dentist'.  I want them to feel safe and comfortable here. I want patients who choose to come here to feel like family because they truly are!"

Our Staff, Here for You